It’s a Jungle In Here!

Daily Activities

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters are available during Weekends and School Holidays only. All times and locations will be displayed at the entrance and will normally last around 20-30 minutes each session.

They include

Meet the snake - this could be one of our Royal Pythons or Spotted Python

Lizard land - this could be one of our Leopard Geckos, African Fat Tail Gecko or Blue tongued Skink

Bugs - get up close and personal with one of our hissing cockroaches, Giant African land snails, Stick insects, or one of our Millipedes

Pets - cuddle one of our Rabbits or Guinea Pigs

Animal handling sessions are subject to availability, sessions are available from 11am to 4:00pm. Everybody is welcome but children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Please take note that some animals might not be available for handling during feeding time or when they are shedding or moulting.

Individual animals are allocated one half hour slots for handling per day, after that one half hour slot the animal will then be unavailable for handling until the following day; this is purely for the animal’s well being.

The times and locations can be changed at short notice due to various reasons

Chargeable Activities

Tractors & Diggers

Coin operated tractor rides & Diggers for children are charged at £1 a ride, these machines takes £1 coins only - change is available at the shop but unfortunately we do not offer cash back


During school holidays we will have the following Hunts on

February Half Term - Disney Hunt (Can you find and name all the Disney characters hidden around Pili Palas?

Easter Holidays - Easter Egg Hunt

May Half Term - Superheroes & Princesses - (Can you find and name all the Superheroes & Princesses hidden around Pili Palas?

Summer Holidays - Varies

October Half Term - Witches & Villains - (Can you find and name all the Witches & Villains hidden around Pili Palas?

Christmas - Find and name all the missing elves