It’s a Jungle In Here!

What's Inside

Butterfly House

In our tropical butterfly house you'll encounter various species of butterflies and moths ranging from Atlas Moths with a wingspan of up to 12 inches to Owl Butterflies, Blue Morphos and Monarch Butterflies. We also have free flying birds such as Zebra Finches, Java Sparrows and Roul Roul Partridge.

Bird House

In our bird house you'll meet a variety of birds ranging from Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey Parrots and various small birds in our free flight area.

Lizard Land

The Lizard Land is home to a selection of various lizards from around the world including Tegid our Argentinian Black and White Tegu.

Meerkat Tunnel

In the Meerkat Tunnel you'll encounter our cheeky Meerkat family who are always a customer favourite, at certain times of the day you may be lucky enough to watch them being fed their favourite foods including meal worms, cockroaches and crickets!

Bug Zone

Our Bug Zone is home to a huge variety of invertebrates from around the world ranging from scorpions, cockroaches, giant millipedes, snails, vinegaroons and huge stick insects!

Tropical Hide

Our Tropical Hide is home to an array of animals ranging from Axolotls from Mexico, various frogs and toads, Leaf Cutting Ants and our Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula!

Pets Corner

If cute and cuddly is more your thing then the Pets Corner will be an instant hit as you'll see our adorable rabbits and guinea pigs!

Snake House

In our Snake House you'll meet Billy our huge Burmese Python and a variety of other serpents!

Farm Yard and Barn

On our farm yard and barn you'll get to meet our adorable Kune Kune pigs, our cheeky goats and our playful Miniature Donkeys DJ and Barney!